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Neighbourhood Questionnaire

Have you ever wished you had more control over the things that happen in your neighbourhood? Have you ever felt that local people have very little voice or power, and that 'consultations' never really mean very much? If this sounds familiar, now is your chance to get your opinion heard and make a difference.

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In 2011 the Coalition Government enacted the Localism Act.  This legislation has the effect of transferring planning powers from the (exclusive) preserve of the Local Authority to empowering local communities to take control of planning policy in their neighbourhoods. 

After a long gestation period your neighbourhood now has a community planning group recognised by Southwark Council, the Old Bermondsey Village Neighbourhood Forum (OBVNF). The Council has demarcated an area for your community, ‘Area A’, shown on the map (see map on homepage).   

The OBVNF is now actively assembling individuals and groups in our area with particular planning interests and concerns that they would like to see addressed by new or revised planning policy or practice to be adopted by the Council, and work towards producing a Neighbourhood Plan for your area. 

If you think there is anything that can be done better if the Community is put in charge now is your chance to work with OBVNF to put it into effect with genuine legal authority. 

If you would just like some particular ideas or concerns you have to be taken into account by the active members of our Group who are now working to formulate a Neighbourhood Plan you are invited to complete the questionnaire

We are now looking to push forward with the new Neighbourhood Plan as quickly as possible to ensure it is fully taken into account in the forthcoming Borough-wide planning policy overhaul by the Council.  Therefore please complete the questionnaire as soon as you can.